Cult synth pop act Neuroactive returns – first 2-track single available now!

By Jan 24,2020

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Cult synth pop act Neuroactive returns - first 2-track single available now

Neuroactive, the cult synth pop, futurepop band from Finland is back! For the comeback headmaster Jarkko Tuohimaa joined hands with long time vocal collaborator Kimmo Karjalainen and the duo signed up with the Belgian electronica label Alfa Matrix.

Out now is a 2-track download single (available via Bandcamp), “Night Flights”, which offers a harder edged electro style through punching sequences and kicking beats compared to the band’s most recent softer dance pop releases through the US-based A Different Drum label.
The “Night Flights” single also announces a forthcoming new album “Minor Side-Effects” announced for a Spring release.

You can download the single right now from Bandcamp.

Video teaser new single

Here’s the video teaser for “Night Flights”.

Neuroactive, delivering outstanding synth pop since 1991

Neuroactive was formed in 1991 by Jarkko Tuohimaa, Ville Brusi, and Vesa Rainne. Signing their first album, “Morphology”, in 1994 with Cyberware Productions, the group went on to produce “Phonic Trace” in 1997. Shortly thereafter, Brusi and Rainne left the group, and Kimmo Karjalainen came on board to sing for the next two albums “Fiber Optic Rhythm” and “Transients”. Note that “Fiber Optic Rhythm” also featured Geoff Pickney of The Nine on guest vocals.

“Fiber Optic Rhythm” was a huge breakthrough for Neuroactive, and they gained new fans worldwide. The album’s popularity also attracted the attention of U.S. Synthpop record label A Different Drum who signed them, and released “Transients” in 2001, “N-Gin” in 2005, “Antidote” in 2009; and “Electra” in 2014.

“Transients” was the final album to feature Kimmo Karjalainen as vocalist for the band. The albums “N-Gin” and “Antidote” both included several guest singers, including Christopher Anton (Information Society), Kirk Taylor (The Dignity of Labour), Marcus Fellechner (Rename), and Albert Martinez (Neuropa) just to name a few. “Electra” featured all female vocals by Sonja Myers.

Neuroactive signed with A Different Drum in 1998, and continued to release material under that label until its closing in 2014. Now they are on board of one of the most prolific labels in the electronic scene, Alfa Matrix.

Welcome back guys!


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