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Cognitive Benefits of Playing Fast-Paced Video Games

By Aug 6,2019
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cognitive benefits of gaming

Every year is another opportunity for the video gaming industry to grow in number count, game sales, and popularity. It is also another chance for people to worry over whether the games being developed every other day are beneficial to players or not. As you would expect. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the playing of video games, especially those in the action and horror franchise. Some of those games are very addictive that it would take planning and strategy to get out of the hook. 

While that remains a thing, several other people purport that video games are indeed very beneficial to gamers, more particularly the fast-paced ones. To them, there is a direct and indirect impact of gaming on the cognitive behavior of players, mainly because the human brain is malleable, which means it learns and adapts. Here are some of those cognitive benefits to consider:

Improves concentration

Figure 2 

When a gamer is sitting tight on his x-rocker 5127301 chair, he may not quite appreciate the level of attention he accords the game. The entire mind is focused on trying to figure out a way out of the hurdles presented at that level. As such, continuous game playing helps the player be more focused on issues they consider valuable. This means that their concentration span is increased, merely from spending a lot of time focusing on the game.

Improves coordination

You must not assume that a gamer spends all his time staring at the computer inactively. The various things going on in a video game provide a lot of mental stimulation. The different stimuli on the game require high levels of intentional coordination, visually, on matters of audial and physical movements. As the payer gets more invested in the gaming world, their coordination abilities become better, because the brain quickly learns to multi-task to achieve the tasks at hand.

Improves problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are usually a by-product of critical thinking. The skills come about when one has been involved in a lot of situations that have demanded critical thinking to sort out the issues at hand. For every game, there are governing rules within which wins can be made. While in the virtual world, there is no latency between hurdles. It is either you take an enemy out or be taken out. At such, players have to make split-second decisions that better their problem-solving skills a lot. The choices they make not only determine how far up the game they go, but whether or not they remain fit for the next levels.

Promotes learning

The brain is made better when there is ongoing learning, whether from reading books, listening to lectures and audiobooks, or consuming any new material thereof. Playing video games is always a learning opportunity. Gamers have to be open to new tact and hacks that can help them, be better. Every wins or fail a chance for them to be better in conquering the different levels of the game. From the storyline of the game, the teammates, reviews and expert opinions, the virtual world is in itself a learning field.

Improves the brain’s speed

Figure 3 
brain speed

The quicker your brain can do something, the better your life becomes. In gaming, the pressure of having to make split-second decisions and make moves based on calculated guesses allows the players to work faster and wiser. The multiple simulations that require the attention of the brain have to be catered for at the right time, and therefore, the brain’s speed improves drastically.

Enhances memory

To be a pro gamer, certain things cannot pass you by. You must have the mastery of the most important details of a game, including the ground rules, the keys on your keyboard help you easily move your characters and even the tricks that get you through the game. In the end, it boosts your memory, whether short-term or long-term.


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