Chemical Waves – Lasting Forever (Album – ScentAir Records)

By Nov 11,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Wave, Cold-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: 2020 has been a prolific year for this Italian project driven by Marco Cattani (Halo Effect, The Mark). Next to the album “Even When we Fall Apart” released on Unknown Pleasures Records, the band also released this other album on the Russian label ScentAir. Marco Cattani composed the music while he again worked with guest singers.

Content: The vocals have been done by Ill Humans, Pedro/IAmTheShadow (2 songs), Gentle Ropes, L’Avenir, The Sea At Midnight and Kiss the Whip. The work also features 3 instrumental cuts. Sound-wise the songs are not as dark compared to the previous album. The songs sound more melancholic and sensible, but the main characteristic is the duel between guitar and electronics sometimes creating an elevating effect.

+ + + : The melancholic feeling of the work brings us back to the 80s, but Chemical Waves is much more than simply a copyist. The songs still have a ‘modern’ touch and especially the Electronic arrangements create this feeling. The melodies have something magical, which mainly comes through at “To the Deep” feat. Pedro/IAmTheShadow. This song makes me think of an Electronic edit of early The Mission. Another attention grabber is, “Statues” feat. The Sea At Midnight, which has something heavenly-like. Last, but not least, I also want to mention the slow, refined and emotive “Lasting Forever”, which is a noticeable instrumental song.

– – – : This opus is a pleasant listening, but I’ve to admit I prefer “Even When We Fall Apart”, which is darker, but still more poignant.

Conclusion: This album is not exactly the kind of stuff I’m used to hearing from the ScentAir Records roster, but it brings an interesting diversity to the label. 

Best songs: “To The Deep”, “Statues”, “Lasting Forever”, “Slit”.

Rate: (7).


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