Broken English Club – White Rats II (Digital Album – L.I.E.S. Records)

By Dec 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, EBM, industrial-techno.

Background/Info: English DJ/producer Oliver Ho is involved with different projects, Broken English Club being his ‘industrial-techno’ project. He released multiple EP’s and still a few album –which have been released on L.I.E.S. “White Rats II” is his fourth full length and was released one year after “White Rats”. The work is also available as a double vinyl.

Content: It’s not an easy thing defining the sound of Oliver Ho’s project. I can’t say it’s pure ‘industrial’ in the truest sense of the word, but it clearly has a dark accent. Some influences are clearly getting back to the 80s and minimal EBM while other passages are driven by techno elements. There also is an experimental flavor supporting a few cuts.

+ + + : I’m fond of electronic minimalism and that’s precisely what this work is made of. I like some of the EBM-driven bass lines, bleeps and aggressive sequences. “White Rats II” also sounds pretty diversified so anybody at least will find a few enjoyable tracks. I have a preference for the ‘harder’- and most ‘minimal’ cuts like “Domestic Animals”, “Grey Windows”, “The Chrome Disease” and “Wildlife”.

– – – : I’m not a huge fan of the more experimental side of the work.

Conclusion: This album appears to be a versatile work, like exorcising the darkest and most unconventional ideas of the composer.

Best songs: “Wildlife”, “Domestic Animals”, “Grey Windows”, “The Modern Desire”, “The Chrome Disease”.

Rate: (7).


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