Brand new mini-album on vinyl by Pankow: ‘Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom’

By Feb 24,2021

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Brand new mini-album on vinyl by Pankow:'Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom'

Excellent news reaches us via Audioglobe, the scene’s most important distributor. Pankow, the legendary Italian Industrial pioneers who are active since 1979, are finally back with a new (mini)album: “Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom”.

This new 5-tracks mini-album, out now, comes on vinyl and offers a first glimpse on the forthcoming all new Pankow-album, expected for May 2021. All of the tracks draw inspiration from the research work of Dr. Debra Parkinson, an Australian sociologist, director of GADPod, Gender and Disaster Pod, whose activity studies the consequences of natural disasters and disasters on women, LGBTIQ communities, disabled people, etc..

Pankow’s Alex Spalck: “Debra wrote an essay on the environmental disaster that ravaged Australia in early 2020 and on the direct relationship between the environmental crisis and the pandemic that is causing death and destruction around the world. At this point in our musical activity we must take a stand, indifference and carelessness are unforgivable sins. We have decided to throw a stone, or rather two, with “Australia is Burning” and “Ecocalypse” and to fight unambiguously for a radical change in the status quo. This intransigence will also be the theme of our next album, “Never trust a White Man”, out in 2021, in which we will attack the systems and structures that are the primary causes of the obscene inequality that plagues our society.”

On the EP, apart from “Australia is Burning” and “Ecocalypse”, the band presents a deconstructed version of “By this River” by Brian Eno, Moebius & Roedelius and two post-pre-trans-meditative pieces.

Check out the track “Ecocalypse” featuring Verdiana Raw.


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