Blank – Drifting Slowly (Album – Blank)

By Sep 8,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, techno-body, electro-pop, IDM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: After nearly seven years of silence, the recently self-released “Thanatosis”-EP put Blank back on the EBM map. Mastermind Davide Mazza accomplished the fourth full length album of the project resulting in eleven songs featuring a very special collaboration on one of the songs.

Content: “Thanatosis” revealed a mix of harder, danceable cuts and softer, elaborated cuts. The album moves on a similar formula featuring intelligent electronics mixing elements of EBM, techno, pop and even IDM. Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera) contributed here with a very unique and sensual way of singing to one of the –softer, cuts. This album has the power to make you dance, but still enough passages driven by down tempo rhythms to cool down. I don’t want to compare Blank and this new opus to another formation, but I’m sure it will appeal for fans of Rotersand and Mind.In.A.Box.

+ + + : “Thanatosis”-EP revealed a few great passages, but some didn’t totally convince me. “Drifting Slowly” left me breathless! This album stands for a sophisticated writing featuring intelligent sound treatments, danceable club-songs and softer breaks. I was impressed by the polished sound production and dance energy from the harder cuts such as “Hypnonaut”, “Nouronihar”, “Axiomatic” and “Struggle between Death And Night”. Davide Mazza is not only putting Blank again on the map of great electro productions, but he reveals himself as a brilliant sound architect. This album stands for an impressive sonic welfare. From space-like sounds to solid bass lines to meticulous sound arrangements and a somewhat spooky way of singing this work has a lot to offer.

– – – : Just as for “Thanatosis” I’m not a huge fan of the softer cuts and the EP-title song is one of the few songs that can’t totally convince me.

Conclusion: Blank strikes back with a bang! This Italian project already caught my attention in the past, but this album simply reveals the true potential of the band! The song with Elena Alice Fossi is cool, but unfortunately not a high light!

Best songs: “Axiomatic”, “Struggle Between Death And Night”, Hypnonaut”, “Nouronihar”, Faultlines”.

Rate: (8).



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