BlakLight – Control The Remixes (EP – BlakLight)

By Sep 5,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: The song “Control” definitely was one of the best tracks from BlakLight’s debut album “Music In A Time Of Uncertainty”. The song has already been released as a single and is now offered to other artists to get remixed. The EP features six remixes plus two hidden bonus cuts. 

Content: I’ll take off with the hidden bonus songs of this EP, which both were originally released on the “Control”-single. It’s an opportunity to (re)discover a song, which wasn’t released on the album, but sounds in the same danceable, melodic Electro-Pop vein. The remixes of “Control” have been made by Scenius, Promenade Cinema, Beyond Border, Lloyd Price and Mind Machine (another project of the band’s singer Brian Belknap). Last, but not least there also is a so-called “Stripped”-edit, which has been adapted into a guitar-pop song without electronics.

+ + + : “Control” remains a great song released on a great album. It clearly inspired some remixes to achieve a cool job. My favorite remix is the one by UK producer Lloyd Price (previously involved with Massive Ego). This edit is more elaborate and features a true elevating effect. Another attention grabber is the remix by Mind Machine, which sounds pretty dynamic. The “Stripped”-edit is not my favorite one although it’s a cool and totally reworked version. It’s also cool that both songs from the single-format have been featured.

– – – : BlakLight has clearly chosen to ask less familiar names for the remixes –which is a great idea although I’m missing a few ‘hotter’ names. That could have been a better strategy to reach a wider audience, what this band deserves.

Conclusion: This EP is a cool addition to a great album. BlakLight have announced they are working on their second full length, so I’m really wondering how they’ll evolve after such a great debut.

Best songs: “Control – Lloyd Price Remix”, “Control – Mind Machine Remix” + “Control – Broken Mix”.

Rate: 7½.

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