Black Snow In Summer – Shadows At Night (Mini-Album – Black Snow In Summer)

By Feb 20,2020

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Genre/Influences:  Electro-wave, wave-pop, minimal-electro.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Black Snow In Summer is a Belgian project that has been active for several years. Driven by Kurt Vanhollebeke and joined since early 2019 by the new female singer Corina Baekeland, “Shadows At Night ” appears to be the debut work of this band. “Shadows At Night” has been mastered by Mika Goedrijk (This Morn’Omina).  

Content: The work is clearly driven by the spirit of 80s electro and new-wave music. It creates a minimal sound effect reminding me of the good-old magic of analogue gear. The female vocals have this sterile expression reminding the true spirit of early new/cold-wave music. Some passages are more into half-spoken format. The work features 7 songs, which remain pretty short. The opening- and last cut are instrumental versions.

+ + + : I’ve always loved the minimalism of the 80s electro-wave movement and especially this unique, analogue sound. That’s what this work is all about; the cadence of a good-old rhythm box merged with icy tunes and sweeping effects. On top of it all you’ll hear a rather emotionless vocal production.

– – – : I get the feeling the writing of the songs can be still a bit more elaborated, but without losing the great minimal feeling.

Conclusion: There’re not enough Belgian formations dealing with this kind of music so Dark Snow In Summer is an interesting newcomer, which will appeal to fans of Absolute Body Control, Enzo Kreft and co.

Best songs: “Leaving Me”, “Run”, “Power And Corruption”.

Rate: (7).



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