Black Needle Noise spread new single ‘She Talks to Angels’ (feat. John Fryer and Anjela Piccard)

By Jul 14,2020

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Black Needle Noise spread new single'She Talks to Angels' (feat. John Fryer and Anjela Piccard)

(Photo by Candice Ghai) Out via Cleopatra Records is the newest single by Black Needle Noise featuring legendary producer John Fryer and Anjela Piccard. With “She Talks To Angels” the duo pay tribute to the Black Crowes with their own unique twist and stylistic trademark.

“Always been a big fan of the Black Crowes and it always feels good to pay homage to bands you like. We wanted to give it a totally different and cinematic feel to the song in our version. Anjela’s vocals are very heartfelt in her interpretation and delivery of the lyrics and being inspired by the cities of New Orleans and LA, the City of Angels,” says John Fryer.

Anjela Piccard from her side says: “There are moments in this life that are both catastrophic and quite triumphant. The intention in recording this song is one of reflection and understanding. At some point, we all can find ourselves in total relation to the lyrics and the instrumental flow of the track. As for myself, the New Orleans / Los Ánjeles connection remains an anchor of the heart, as both cities represent a long-standing spiritual melange – unparalleled in beauty and gracious acceptance of its people.”

“She Talks To Angels” Is available below to check out. “She Talks To Angels” is the first taste of the forthcoming album “These Mortal Covers”, which will be released later this year. Black Needle Noise’s “Before The Tears Came” LP can still be ordered from the band itself.

The new single comes on the trail of the new video for “Seed of Evil” with PIG which you can check out below.


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