Black Nail Cabaret – Pseudopop (CD Album – Dichronaut Records)

By Feb 11,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Set up in 2008 the Hungarian duo Black Nail Cabaret aka Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arvai (keyboards) are back on track. After having released 2 albums on Daniel Myer’s (Architect, Haujobb) label Basic Unit Productions, Black Nail Cabaret together with Ultranoire set up their own label: Dichronaut Records. “Pseudopop” is the bands third official full length –while they self-released the debut album “Emerald City” in 2012.

Content: If you’re familiar with the electro-pop sound of Black Nail Cabaret you know this band is an atypical formation in the genre. The new songs aren’t that different, revealing an intimate mood and precious song writing. A few tracks are a little bit more into ‘dance’, other passages are sensual, but globally speaking this is more the kind of pop music to dream away on.

+ + + : There where so many electro-pop bands are holding on to the same influences and standards, Black Nail Cabaret deals with an own approach. It’s pretty diversified, like reflecting multiple influences, but in the end I would say they’re composing intelligent electro-pop. Emese Arvai-Illes is a talented vocalist and not only for her sensual timbre of voice, but the vocals are in perfect osmosis with the music. I also have to say a word about the lyrics, which clearly seem to be important as well. Here again I noticed an unusual approach; this is an electro-pop band dealing with other subjects than the familiar electro-pop themes about lost relationships etc. Song-wise “Bête Noire” –which has been also released as EP-title song clearly is the most danceable cut and a real potential hit. I also have to mention the more groovy “Trigger-Happy”, the wafting “Rhythm X” and deeply sexy (just pay attention to the lyrics) “La Petite Mort”.

– – – : The album features 10 songs and there’s just one little piece (cf. “90s”) which couldn’t convince me. I think there’s no reason to complain.

Conclusion: The front cover of this album is clearly inspired by the famous Rorschach test; it’s intriguing and perfectly symbolizing the work of Black Nail Cabaret: unique, a bit mysterious and deeply artistic.

Best songs: “Bête Noire”, “Trigger-Happy”, “Rhythm X”, “La Petite Mort”, “Icarus”, “Resonance”.  

Rate: (8½).

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