Black Nail Cabaret present new video single ‘Maelstrom’

By Feb 5,2021

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Black Nail Cabaret present new video single'Maelstrom'

Out now is the new Black Nail Cabaret video single “Maelstrom”. The track is taken from the Hungarian dark pop duo’s current album “Gods Verging on Sanity”.

“The original idea for this clip was born in 2019 and it’s an ironic coincidence that we have managed to shoot this in the middle of the pandemic”, writes the Hungarian duo.

“As on our previous videos for ‘No Gold’ and ‘Unrequited Love’, we once again collaborated with fabulous director Richard Besenczi. Our common aim was to create an allegory reflecting on human relationships: the meeting of extremes, feminine and masculine, peace and activity. The clip was shot at the Bauxite Geological Park in Gánt as well as in the ghost town of Szentkirályszabadja. The latter is also called the ‘Hungarian Chernobyl’ and although it is not much visible in this video, it was still a good excuse for us to visit and spend some time at this fascinating location after the video recording.”

You can watch the video below.


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