Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom (EP – Dependent Records)

By Jun 9,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Pop, Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Last year Hungarian duo Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) – Krisztian Arvai (music) released their fifth full length album, which also was the first one released on Dependent Records. “Maelstrom” definitely was one of the absolute highlights from the album and now was released as the EP title track. The song is available in 3 different edits while there also is an extra track featured.

Content: The “Single Edit” of “Maelstrom” is easily recognizable by its Dark-Electro-Pop style featuring the cold and charismatic singing by Emese. It’s a dreamy, heavenly and somewhat elevating track. We next get the “Fixation Mix”, which sounds more into minimalism and a little Experimental-driven. This version might appeal for Kirlian Camera lovers. Next comes a remix by Man+Machine, which is more clubby-driven by its pumping kick.

The song “You Lessen I Die” is a kind of B-side track and sounds as an Industrial ballad.

+ + + : “Maelstrom” deserved to get released as the title song for an EP; it’s a perfect track revealing what Black Nail Cabaret stands for; a very unique Electro-Pop formation, which is hardly comparable to any other band. I’m a long time addicted to the sterile although wafting and danceable Dark-Pop of the Hungarians. “Maelstrom” is a graceful song, which inspired Man+Machine to accomplish a cool, dancefloor driven remix.

– – – : “You Lessen I Die” confirms this band’s original sound approach, but it’s not exactly the song that will catch your attention and reveal any kind of passion for the band.

Conclusion: “Maelstrom” is a cool EP for its different edits and approaches; great Dark-Pop music.

Best songs: “Maelstrom – Single Edit”, “Maelstrom – Man+Machine Remix”.

Rate: (8).

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