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Beyonce’s Greatest Songs of All Time

By Apr 30,2021

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Beyonce’s Greatest Songs of All Time

When Beyonce sings, angels listen! This is probably the reason why she has broken the Grammy’s record. The singer/songwriter has made so many tracks in her lifetime and below, we list some of her greatest songs of all time. You can surely listen to these songs as you play your best online casino games for exciting gameplay.

1.    If I Were a Boy

Released in 2008, this track surely brings back a lot of memories. It is a reaching R’n’B song that has a somewhat calm but emotional and sad tone to it that talks about male dominance. What startles and joys many is how she finely poses a test and then supplies the solution.

The lyrical flow is a smart one that leaves nothing to argue about.

2.    Drunk in Love

In this one, she features her better half, Jay Z. It is a symbolical piece that reaches for the deep in love imagery. It is also a piece that grants fair opportunities for sex and alcohol. Even if you look at the video, it is set in a hazy cocktail that has a deep depiction of sex and explicitness.

Even the lyrical content is far-reaching; take a look at ‘park it in my lot’ or ‘ride it on my.’ This 2013 release has a lot of euphoria to it. You can also try out top online casino nz games to listen to some of the best Beyonce’s songs while playing online slots.

3.    The Carters (Apeshit)

This is yet another collaboration between Jay-Z and Beyoncé. A delve in Rap and punchy lyrical composition brought up this 2018 piece. It has a savage reach that has some moments of some fantastic one-handed rapping. 

4.    Me, Myself and I

Let’s go retro a little bit. This 2003 release is a down-to-earth love song, which stands to question the negative portrayal of wild love. It is a tangy placement of an enlightened heart that was once broken. Check out the lyrical content “Come pick up your clothes”. All in all, Beyonce displayed some fantastic vocals which is the best thing. Maybe it’s because she was fairly young during this time and she had a largely vocal belief when she sang her songs.


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