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Action Movies Available On Amazon Prime

By Apr 30,2021

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Action Movies Available On Amazon Prime

For quality, action packed and eventful action movies, get down to Amazon Prime and maneuver through the Jungle of Amazon movie gallery. Hollywood, the major handle of movie production, has turned to action movies. It has been a marvellous journey by Amazon Prime of Hollywood action movies enclosed in their gallery. Let us take a look at the best action movies you can find on Amazon Prime.

Project Gutenberg

Directed by Felix Chong, who wrote Infernal Affairs, this heartbeat type of a movie is a thriller that has twist and turning crime scenes which go hand in glove with the shenanigan counterfeiting money scandals that are deeply encroached in the society. Chow Yun-fat stars in the movie and he plays a part of a counterfeiter.

It was given an award at the Hong Kong film Industry Awards for its sound action. It also has the best screenplay, best director and the best film in the Hong Kong Film awards. Go to Amazon and get hold of Project Gutenberg just like you’d go to online casinos and search for action-themed online slots (casino jeux).


This is another edition of the Transformers. It’s all about a yellow automated car which has the ability to change shape and abilities. Hailee Steinfeld is also part and parcel of the acting cast as she assumes the part of a teenager who is dear to her car which she then realised that it is an old auto box by the name of Bumblebee. Did you know there are also Bumblebee online-themed best australlian online casino slots?

It is a call to save the world, make it a better place though there is a hint of foul play here and there. John Cena also starts in the Transformer movie. Check out decepticons that have their own way around things, they are real menace.


It marks the return of Eddie Murphy. It is about a man called Rudy Ray Moore’s who has a herculean feature. It is a classic from the 1975, and it is key that you become part and parcel of the subject.


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