Berlin darkwave synth-duo NNHMN launches ‘Shadow in the dark’ album on vinyl on Spanish Oraculo Records

By Feb 27,2020

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Berlin darkwave synth-duo NNHMN launches'Shadow in the dark' album on vinyl on Spanish Oraculo Records

The darkwave synth-duo NNHMN (read it as non-human), based in Berlin, has its album “Shadow in the Dark” released on vinyl by Spanish Oraculo Records, which is also the organiser of the Ombra Festival in Barcelona.

Here’s the official video for the track “Special” to get an idea how the band sounds.

The band is about to start a European tour. They will be soon in Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Salerno, Paris to name but a few. Also, they will do a short tour in Poland. And then festivals, in Athens in Summer, later on in Barcelona. 

Who are NNHMN ?

NNHMN is a minimal wave project formed by Lee and Laudarg who had already formed a duo under various names and with different members.

The band released a trilogy in 2019 including first of all their debut “Second Castle” in February of 2019, which is basically a rhythm and ambient oriented album. The second album of 2019 “Church Of No Religion” was released by Zoharum Records and consisted of an experiment in playing with conventional ambient techno. In December of 2019 the duo published the album “Shadow in the Dark”.

While the vinyl edition of their last album will be released by Oraculo Records, a CD edition will be released by the experimental record label Zoharum. K-dreams Records will take care of the digital distribution and the tapes.


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