Available for free download: Dark​-​o​-​matic’s track ‘Zugswang’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)

By Mar 24,2020

Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Available for free download: Dark​-​o​-​matic's track'Zugswang' (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)

The 16th track on our free (or pay-what-you-want to support our charity work) download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 5” is by the darkwave electropop act Dark​-​o​-​matic aka the duo Piero Delux (vocals) and Greg Dovas (music). The band found a home at skyQode records which has discovered several more great bands.

Dark​-​o​-​matic was founded by Greg Dovas in 2017. Greg switched from progressive rock music to electronic music earlier with his project Neonskylines which was purely instrumental synthwave. In an attempt to expand his experimentation, he decided to add vocals reaching a more synth-pop sound. That was the starting point of his collaboration with Piero Delux from the project Elsehow. Enlisting the help of sound engineer and producer George Nerantzis, the duo started recording their new music, best described as a cross between synthwave and modern synthpop but with a darker edge to it.

Fans of Mondtraüme, Melotron, Electro Spectre etc. will surely love this act!

You can listen to “Zugswang” right below, the first single from their recently released album “Hope”.

Check “Face The Beat: Session 5” on Bandcamp to discover the other bands. All donations will go to charity.


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