Astari Nite release new music video ‘Paint the Stars Tonight’ – watch here

By Oct 28,2020

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Astari Nite release new music video'Paint the Stars Tonight' - watch here

Goth Rock/Post-Punk artists Astari Nite have released the music video for their song “Paint the Stars Tonight”. The track is featured on their new album “Here Lies”, which was released in May.

The music video plays on the heart strings of an 80’s-90’s underground film aesthetic. It finds vocalist Mychael, choosing between which immortal is more superior. “Paint the Stars Tonight”, highlights a simpler time in life when Dungeons & Dragons, toys, video games, a summer sleepover and most of all finding out that falling in love meant everything.

Vocalist Mychael: “Freyja Lilith (director) continues to elegantly interpret our songs to tell her own story through film which is terrifying to me. Of course, it has to do with how powerful her spirit is deep within. How she captures me crying and makes it look like I’m smiling will always be a mystery.”

“Paint the Stars Tonight” also features international fetish performer Val Vampyre. Astari Nite’s new album Here Lies is out on Negative Gain. The music video for Paint the Stars Tonight can be seen below.

Scheduled Performances:

  • November 21st – (Black Market fest 2020), Miami
  • December 12th- Will’s Pub – Orlando
  • January 30th – (Communion After Dark presents Astari Nite) Ybor City, Tampa
  • March 26th-28th (Dark Side of the Con 4) New Jersey
  • May 22nd – (Wave Gotik Treffen) Germany

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