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Are Job and Career Just To Pay The Bills

By May 10,2019

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Are Job and Career Just To Pay The Bills

At some point, almost every individual faces the dilemma of choosing between a career with monetary benefits or following their dreams. But, when both seem like two conflicting goals, what factors one must take into consideration before reaching a conclusion?

Well, the response to such questions can be subjective. Some people who are extreme optimists might suggest taking the leap of faith while the realists may offer weighing the options properly. As amazing as it would be to drop everything and follow your dreams, it is no secret that happiness doesn’t pay the bills, but money does. However, what is life if you aren’t satisfied with what you are doing to earn for a living? Thus, it’s always advisable to achieve the goals that make you happy. Change your passion into your job and watch your life transform for better.

Below there are a few items that can help you decide.

  1. Price of Happiness

The majority assumes that happiness and money are tied together. Therefore, it isn’t always the case. Research has concluded that the emotional quotient of an individual significantly rises with the income. Researchers also concluded that having no money or a low income makes people emotionally unstable. Low income is directly related to emotional agony. The conclusion of this experiment was: Low income is the cause of low life assessment and emotional well-being. Whilst high revenue can bring about a certain amount of happiness that is temporary.

  1. Your options and their repercussions 

You have to choose between following your dreams and opting for a stable and well-paid job. That is directly dependent on what personal choices come in play during that time in your life. 

A study shows that students who indulge in a ‘Bachelors of Arts’ degree are less likely to stand on their feet straight out of college. But once they do find their foot, they are likely to exceed expectations. This is only because they are embracing their talents and interests and getting paid for the same. As a result, they put more effort into their work. 

  1. Happiness is the key to riches 

Happiness will help you succeed more than any factor in life. People tend to succeed more if they do things they enjoy. Remember that you might not start on the top but you will make your way up. Do what gives you happiness. If writing is your profession, there are many freelance political writing jobs that you can opt for. If you like helping animals, find a job in a vet clinic.

In the end, you need to understand that life is about more than just money and fulfilling your needs. Life is about loving what you do and gaining happiness out of your daily routine. Hence, the key is to follow your passion with a full heart. Make your passion your career. That way, you can earn money and be satisfied with whatever you do!


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