Anna Morley – Visceral (Album – Hymen Records)

By Apr 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, cinematographic, jazzy.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Anna Morley is an Australian female artist now based in Berlin. She already released several productions, “Visceral” being her latest opus she self-released on CD format. Hymen Records took care of the digital format.

Content: Anna Morley is what we commonly call a ‘multi-instrumentalist’. She plays vibraphone, keys, piano, melodica, ukulele, percussion and performs the vocals. She got the help from a few guest musicians playing percussion, double bass, viola, acoustic- and electric and violin. The arsenal of authentic instruments also injects a very intimate touch to the work. The songs have something smooth and dream-like. Most of the compositions sound like they were written for an imaginary film. The vocal parts accentuate the evasive sensation of the work.

+ + + : “Visceral” has something of a ‘feel-good’ album. It’s the perfect work to relax, close your eyes and simply dream away. It for sure has a cinematographic strength so the visual appeal is present during the entire listening. Most of the songs are instrumental edits, but the addition of vocals makes the work totally accomplished. I like “Amygdala” for its global progression while the song is centered around a delicious, repetitive piano tune. Another noticeable cut is “Mellow Noon”, which has something jazzy-minded.

– – – : “Visceral” is a cool and fully enjoyable, which however took me by surprise. It’s not exactly the kind of production you expect to get released by Hymen Records. At the other side it clearly reveals the open-minded spectrum of the German record company.

Conclusion: “Visceral” is the perfect way to escape from our stressed day life. It feels like a delicate caress for the human mind. 

Best songs: “Amygdala”, “Mellow Moon”, “Cousteau”, “Land Of Make Believe”.

Rate: (7½). 

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