Angelspit – Bang Operative (CD Album – Black Pill Red Pill)

By Dec 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, electro-punk, cyber-rock.

Background/Info: The eighth full length album from Angelspit is inspired by the early synth-wave sound of 1978-1981. Front man Zoog Von Rock got a helping hand from a few musicians and a female back vocalist to achieve this work.

Content: Defining the sound of Angelspit remains a real tough question. And as I usually say it’s easier to analyze the different influences running through this work instead of putting a label on the band. Angelspit has been inspired by the synth-wave sound between 1978 and 1981, but that’s not always easy to catch. There clearly are electronic parts reminding me of the good-old analogue period of electronic music and I even got the impression of hearing a Depeche Mode touch running through one of the tunes. But most of the work has something pretty industrial and also punk-like. But the little electronic effects are clearly getting us back to some lost, but not forgotten times. Guitar parts have been added as well to get the songs more powerful. Sometimes experimental and sometimes pretty danceable, Angelspit always has a lot of ideas to exorcise!

+ + + : One of the main characteristics from this album is the production of the vocals, which have something sensual. It creates a delicious, hot match with the deep, vibrating bass lines. Another important element of the work is the constant sound manipulation creating a sophisticated touch. Angelspit sounds dark, rough and definitely punkish! It’s a perverted, but exciting interpretation of the synth-wave sound from the late 70’ to the early 80’.

– – – : Angelspit always has been as a sonic challenge to me! There are not many bands in the genre and to be honest I don’t directly have another band in mind sharing a similar approach. But that also makes the difficulty of the production, which is hard to label and that’s precisely what people like doing today!

Conclusion: If I’d to describe this album in a few words, I should say electronic anarchy!

Best songs: “Art Of War”, “Invade”, “Play Rough”, “Fear Monger”, “Promise Of Gold”.

Rate: (8).

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