Anantakara – Amor Mundi / Life As An Infinite Flow (Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Mar 6,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Electro-Ambient, Experimental, Minimal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Anantakara is a Belgian solo-project driven by Philippe Wauman. Last year he released his second album in the “Belgian NeuMusik”-series, this album being released one year after “Momentum Lapses – Spots Of Suspended Time”. The new work is inspired by the philosopher Spinoza and ‘the notion of the Infinite and how nature is seen as a power of expression of this Infinity’.

Content: This album sounds like an invitation to travel. I’m not sure it clearly reflects the notion of Infinite, but it clearly sounds like an Electronic voyage; now into cinematographic passages, next into a kind of Jazzy Film-Noir and later on into some dark, Electro-Minimalism.

+ + + : Anantakara achieved a mysterious piece of music, which is mainly devoted to Ambient, but also features multiple influences. I didn’t exactly expect the somewhat Jazzy inspired “Amo Ergo Sum”. But I prefer the Minimal/Experimental “Riding The Flickering Crests” and also recommend listening to the delicate sound treatments emerging at “A Secret Might”. The work covers a wide spectrum of influences and that’s precisely what makes this opus accessible. 

– – – : When an album becomes too diversify it sometimes leads to confusion; the feeling you’re listening to a compilation instead of an album from one artist.

Conclusion: This album needs a few listening, but it clearly has something intriguing and probably less rational than its source of inspiration…

Best songs: “Riding The Flickering Crests”, “Amo Ergo Sum”, “Sister Moon”.

Rate: (7).

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