Alfa Matrix launches 19 volume in ‘Sounds From The Matrix’ series on Bandcamp (and on a free CD)

By Nov 28,2017

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Alfa Matrix launches 19 volume in'Sounds From The Matrix' series on Bandcamp (and on a free CD)

The Belgian electrolabel Alfa Matrix has launched it’s 19th (!) volume in their popular ‘Sounds From The Matrix’ series. On “Sounds From The Matrix 019” you find no less than 20 bands from the label’s roster with mostly new and/or exclusive material. The compilation comes as a free CD which each order that is placed on the label’s CD/DVD/vinyl webstore or as a download compilation at album price on Bandcamp (and if you use the code november84546 you’ll instantly get 30% off on top).

Each volume of the compilation series is a much sought after item as it regularly pops up on online auction sites reaching ridiculously high prices, especially when no longer available.

On this new volume you’ll find material from Elektroklänge, Metroland, Ad:Key, ELM, Mildreda, The Psychic Force, Star Industry, Crytek, Mondtraüme, Kant Kino, Junksista, Psy’aviah, Helalyn Flowers, Lovelorn Dolls, Sin.Sin, Imjudas, Komor Kommando, Mentallo & The Fixer, Implant and Schwarzblut. A very diverse compilation which showcasts very well the current line-up of the label.

You can stream the release below, or get it right here on Bandcamp. But if you place an order for a physical product, you’ll of course get it for free on CD!


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