Agent Side Grinder sees ‘A/X’ remixed on ‘REMA/X’

By Sep 22,2020

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Agent Side Grinder sees'A/X' remixed on'REMA/X'

Out via Progress Productions by mid-October is the Agent Side Grinder remix album “REMA/X”. The album holds remixes of the 2019 album “A/X”. For this remix album the Swedish act could chose from clubdriven remixes to Swedish electro-folk.

The album also holds a new track, “The Archives”, which was originally written during the “A/X” sessions. As for a complete new album, the band are working/writing brand new material.

Check out the new video for “MM/CM”.


  1. Inner Noises – Ash Code Remix
  2. In From The Cold – Antipole ft. Paris Alexander Remix
  3. Allisin Sane (No.2) – Adsol Remix
  4. Stripdown – Tobias Bernstrup Remix
  5. Decompression – Delphine Coma Remix
  6. Wounded Star – Siri Karlsson Remix
  7. Doppelgänger – Luminance Remix
  8. MM/CM – Hidden Operator´s Voodoo Dub Mix
  9. The Great Collapse – Buzz Kull Remix
  10. The Archives – Agent Side Grinder (A/X Outtake)
  11. Döden På Lätt Svenska – Diskoteket (Wounded Star Alt. Version)
  12. Stripdown – She Pleasures Herself Remix
  13. Doppelgänger – Kiss Of The Whip Remix

Agent Side Grinder is an electronic band from Bromma, Stockholm, which was formed in 2005. The band has made four albums and toured extensively throughout Europe. After Kristoffer Grip, Henrik Sunbring and Thobias Eidevald decided to leave the band in 2017, Johan Lange and Peter Fristedt together with new singer Emanuel Åström returned in 2019 with their comeback album “A/X”.


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