Aesthetische – Co3xist3ns3 (DCD Album – Alfa Matrix)

By Jul 23,2019

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Genre/Influences: Techno-body music, IDM.

Background/Info: Brazilian duo Guilherme Pires –  Fabricio Viscardi were known in a previous sonic life as Aghast View. They next moved on under the Aesthetische moniker, which saw the early dark-EBM of Aghast View being transposed into a more progressive tech no-body sound. This new work is their first album since “HybridCore” (2014).

Content: The regular album features 10 songs, which are mixing intelligent techno music –as main basis of the composition, with EBM and IDM. The result is an up-tempo work with sophisticated composition featuring an interesting guest on the song “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”. Sascha Klein (Neuroticfish) was asked to contribute and he did with a surprising ghost-like way of singing. This album features 6 songs plus 4 remixes. Among the remixers you’ll find label mates Psychic Force and AD:Key.

The second disc brings us 10 more songs. It’s an interesting disc as all songs were previously released on digital format and are now on CD for the very first time. There’s an interesting selection of extra songs featuring interesting guest singers such as Mari Kattman, Diana S (Junksista) and Simon Carter. Neuroticfish is also featured with a remix of “We Follow Blindly” (previously released on EP). The songs are once again mixing technoid influences, but still some dance-pop passages. The song featuring Simon Carter is for sure one of the hardest ones from the album.

+ + + : Aesthetische stands for ‘modernism’; a sonic exorcism of techno, EBM, electro-pop and IDM. The sound formula reveals a well-crafted and styled composition, which most of the time is driven by hard, danceable beats. The Brazilian duo were one of the most talented EBM formations from Brazil (as Aghast View) and now became real sonic architects transposing techno music towards a higher dimension. Just pay attention to “What Year This Is?”, which is a brilliant exposure to their writing skills. The presence of Sascha Klein is another noticeable element, but the guest singer who real had the greatest impact on me is the unavoidable Mari Kattman singing on 2 songs. I also recommend “Dirt”, which has been remixed by Simon Carter in a harsh and violent edit.

– – – : If you want to discover new stuff by Aesthetische, you’ll maybe be a bit disappointed. The main album only features 6 new songs and that’s not enough for a so-called ‘new’ album. The album also appears to be a real challenge, the techno element being very explicit.

Conclusion: Aesthetische is a band breaking the codes; they simply make the music they like without following trends!

Best songs: “What Year Is This?”, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree featuring Sascha Klein – Clubmix”, “Berlin” + “We Follow Blindly featuring Mari Kattman”, “Blue Print featuring Mari Kattman”, “Dirt – Simon Carter’s Club Edit”, “An End In Itself”.  

Rate: (8).


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