Adrian K. Smith – Subterranean (Cassette Album – 4mg Records)

By Aug 6,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract, soundscape.

Background/Info: Adrian K. Smith entered into history as the singer and frontman of the legendary Click Click. But next to his involvement with this electro-pioneer band, he from time to time releases solo-material, which has nothing in common with Click Click. This cassette is limited to 100 copies!

Content: The album features 2 long duration cuts. It definitely sounds experimental-like, even clearly abstract. “Subterranean” is a truly sound collage of electronic sounds and noises, which takes us back to early experimental period. And that’s not a coincidence as both cuts were originally written during the 80s.

+ + + : This work shows an uncommon side of the artist and I think it’s always fascinating to discover such a great name with a totally different kind of music. The songs are instrumentals and could be perfectly suited to accompany a visual performance. If you’re into experimental music featuring an impressive arsenal of sound manipulations this is definitely an album you’ve to discover.

– – – : Experimental music remains something particular, which is sometimes hard to seize and therefore less accessible. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan!

Conclusion: Adrian K. Smith once again reveals his most hidden part of his musical brain! Call it recycled music or simply experimental, but it’s definitely an item for the experienced tasters.

Best songs: “Subterranean (Descent 2)”.

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