Θ (Theta) – Total Division (Album – Zoharum)

By Jul 10,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Themistoklis Altintzoglou is a Greek living in Norway. He set up Θ (Theta) in 2013 and already released an impressive number of productions. “Total division” is his first work released by Zoharum and features nine songs.

Content: “Total Division” reveals a gloomy Ambient music style, which has been mixed Noise treatments and Industrial sound treatments. It’s an extremely obscure, dark work moving towards a true tormented atmosphere. The last track is a bonus cut featuring MB. We here get a kind of apotheosis with spoken-like vocals and chants. The chants are somewhat classical-like and create a sonic osmosis with icy sphere of the track.

+ + + : “Total Division” is an album with a real strong visual appeal. It moves in between haunting atmospheres and pure sonic terror, which is accentuated by some Noise-like treatments and heavy Industrial crashes. The work is well-crafted and has something sophisticated. There’s a perfect twist between all different ingredients and even more explicit electronic sequences are noticeable elements. I like the obscure approach and sphere emerging of this work, which features multiple great tracks.

– – – : I don’t see real minus points about this work. I’m just surprised the title track is one of the single cuts, which didn’t catch my attention.

Conclusion: “Total Division” is a great and artistic Dark-Ambient work with a wide spectrum of influences. It’s not the ‘classical’ Dark-Ambient production, but an album with a somewhat progressive approach.

Best songs: “Glacial Mass”, “Glacial Mass feat. MB”, “Coal Draw”, “Shallow Well”.

Rate: (8 ½).


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