Trepaneringsritualen – ᛉᛦ – Algir; Eller Algir I Merkstave (CD Album – Cold Spring)

By Jan 6,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient & ritual.

Background/Info: Trepaneringsritualen is back on track, unleashing a new cryptic work ‘constructed from a series of rituals designated to guide the last ceasing of ᛏᛇᚱᚫ ᚾ ∴ ᚾ ∴ ᚾ — T × R × P is manifest in its most obscure form. Sonically minimal yet devastating in emotional impact, this working lets the listener grasp the last vestiges of Nifl and Múspell, and with them as weapon and beacon traverse the Night. ᛉᛦ reveals a barren landscape where crooked paths lead onward, through soot black veils to a point of radiant light where all that is is Union & Dissolution.’

Content: The album features 2 cuts; each track takes you in its grip for 19 minutes. The opening piece takes off a rather old-styled dark-ambient way and progressively injects ritual sound treatments and heavier noises. The next cut moves on a similar way and reveals a new obscure exploration in sound and mystery.

+ + + : Trepaneringsritualen remains a very unique experience in sound; at first sight it’s maybe not that strange, but the ritual elements emerging progressively lead the listener into a dense web of visual hallucinations. This is the kind of music to discover by using headphones and it will become nearly impossible to say what reality is and what is not. You get the impression less is happening and yet, the multiple little noises and obscure sound treatments progressively contaminate the human brain to transpose you into a world of fantasy and horror. 

– – – : There’s not a lot of diversity between both cut, and the climax is found right at the end of the opening piece.

Conclusion: Trepaneringsritualen holds on to its mysterious and ritual approach, which is once again accentuated by this new production.

Best songs: “ᛉ”.

Rate: (7).

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