Swedish indie-electro duo Kite launches new track ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’ + video – listen/watch here

By Feb 25,2020

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Swedish indie-electro duo Kite launches new track'Tranås/Stenslanda' - listen here

The Swedish indie-electro duo Kite has launched a brand new track ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’ which you can listen to below. The single comes backed by the track “Hopelessly Unholy (Orchestral Version)”.

The track is accompanied by a video directed by Marcus Malmström who says this about the video: “Having grown up in a small, rural place myself, I wanted to capture that decade-long wait to get away and start a life for yourself. Those drifting, longing thoughts that become rarer as you get older and in hindsight shaped the person you are today.”

Synth indie from Stockholm

Based in Stockholm, the duo is composed by singer Nicklas Stenemo, who grew up in the small town of Stenslanda and keyboard player Christian Berg who came from the even smaller town Tranås. After performing with various synth/indie outfits separately, they finally joined forces and started Kite. The opening track of their first EP, “Ways to Dance”, was an instant club hit in Sweden.

Following last year’s performance at Way Out West Festival and two sold-out shows at The Royal Opera in Stockholm, alongside a 16-piece orchestra, Kite are currently working on new music and gearing up for more live shows later on in the year.


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