Rhea – Close To Moving Ice (Album – Littl’Antenna Records /  Wool-E Discs)

By Mar 12,2021

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-Electro, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Rhea is a Belgian solo-project driven by Mark De Wit. This artist also released Ambient-Electro under the  Purfoze moniker. “Close To Moving Ice” is meant as a tribute to the massive eternal ice of Greenland. The album features one single live track played during a Littl’Antenna happening. It’s the third production in this series set up by Littl’Antenna and Belgian NeuMusik (Wool-E Discs). 

Content: The sound universe of this artist is clearly reminiscent of the early Ambient experiments from the Berlin School. The composition has been slowly built up, creating a dreamy, abyssal universe where a few voices are emerging at the surface. The track creates a compact production, which sounds like belonging to a greater concept devoted to the beauty of Greenland.

+ + + : The composition has a very intimate and personal feeling. It feels a bit like the artist sounds in perfect harmony with the theme of his concept. It clearly has a visual appeal and I can imagine this work being accompanied by a visual production. Rhea doesn’t deliver any surprising effect, but brings Ambient-Electro how it has to sound: pure vintage sound treatments leading the listener into dream and evasion.

– – – : This is an easy and entertaining listening, but I’m missing just a climax. Everything remains sterile as the images we all have in mind from eternal ice masses.

Conclusion: This album is the perfect way to forget the daily routine and stress; a relaxing experience!

Best songs: “Close To Moving Ice”.

Rate: (7).

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