Project Pitchfork – Fragment (CD Album – Trisol)

By Dec 15,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro-wave.

Background/Info: 2019 will see Project Pitchfork celebrating their 30th anniversary. The German formation lead by Peter Spilles never stopped releasing new material and always remained one of the absolute leading formations from the electro-underground movement. They now finish 2018 the way they’ve started, by the release of a new album.

Content: The album is a reflection about the world and society we’re living in, but it also is an epos for hope and love. The lyrical content has been always as important as the music properly speaking. The sound and familiar influences haven’t really changed. “Fragment” sounds into bombast, crafty arrangements, elevating leads and the usual charismatic vocals of Peter Spilles. Some songs have a little melancholic flavor, others have something poppy on top, some are more suited for the clubs and I even noticed a kind of cabaret passage.

+ + + : Project Pitchfork is a band that no longer takes me by surprise, but still has this genius to release alluring new songs. They in a way repeat themselves and yet the songs remain pleasant and always revealing a few potential hits. “Hearts Got Wings” is one of these potential hits. From a pure artistic point of view I would mention “There Is Much More”. What is that fascinating in this song is the kind of melody in the words and the way they’ve been sung by Peter Spilles. Every single word sounds right and in perfect harmony with the notes. That’s probably the main trademark of this band. I also have to say a word about the great and artistic digipak.

– – – : Project Pitchfork doesn’t reinvent anything; they sound like on auto-pilot and that’s why the songs become a bit predictable. I get the feeling this band is still able to move on for years and years composing the same kind of songs.

Conclusion: I can’t say this is the best work by Project Pitchfork, but all work remains a full guarantee for artistic and enjoyable music.

Best songs: “Hearts Got Wings”, “There Is Much More”, “Peruse How Infinite You Are”, “In Your Heart”.

Rate: (7½).

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