Oscar Mulero – Perfect Peace (CD Album – Semantica)

By Feb 3,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, experimental, techno.

Background/Info: Oscar Mulero is a kind of living legend in the Spanish techno scene. He became an established DJ and techno producer who has been active since the late 80s. Oscar Mulero released an impressive number of EP’s and from time to time he unleashes a new full length. Notice by the way the album is also available as double vinyl.

Content: The album format seems for Oscar Mulero a kind of sonic platform where he more can experiment with sounds and less danceable tracks. He brings numerous influences together, creating a mish-mash of IDM, ambient, experimental and dubstep. “Perfect Peace” progressively evolves from a pure experimental debut towards more down-tempo cuts in the final part.  You here also will notice the truly space-ambient atmospheres supporting the work.

+ + + : This album reveals –or confirms, Oscar Mulero, as a real sound-architect creating sophisticated and intelligent songs. There’s an interesting ambient-techno flavor emerging from the album, which especially at the final part resulted in some great cuts. The ambient side is pretty space-like, but also has something mysterious I like.

– – – : The experimental passages from the album aren’t my favorite ones. This music is less accessible and can’t totally convince.

Conclusion: This work is diversified, but it also is a ‘difficult’ album because of its sophisticated construction.

Best songs: “Embraced To The Last Breath”, “Resolution”, “Unwavering Departure”, “The arms Of Fate”, “Depth In Clarity”.

Rate: (7).

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