Onsturicheit – Splinter (CD Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Aug 15,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, krautrock, ambient.

Background/Info: The creativity of Onsturicheit has no limits. This is album number three for Peter Moorkens and already a new chapter in the “Belgian NeuMusik”-series.

Content: “Splinter” (in English ‘splinter’ or ‘sliver’) sounds in line with its predecessor “Angstzweet”. There’s a same passion for modular sound treatments, which in a way is part of the artist’s project, but it’s also about the global space-like atmosphere hanging over the songs and krautrock elements appearing at the surface now and then. The few sampled vocals also are now quite characteristic elements for the work of Onsturicheit. Some parts are again driven by slow rhythms.

+ + + : Modular synths have something unique in sound and that’s what makes this album –and the project, fascinating. Even if there’s a déjà-vu effect that might appear, it however remains a creative process, which has a greater impact than all these ambient bands simply repeating themselves. But a modular synth is not enough; you also need the creativity of the artist and here again I can confirm Peter Moorkens perfectly knows how to use his equipment, creating an elaborate and arty-crafted music. I also have to say a word about the artwork of the cover revealing cool retro-like pictures from a street view with vintage cars from the seventies.

– – – : If you take the best parts of “Angstzweet” and “Splinter” you for sure will get a brilliant opus, but the fans of this type of music will be pleased getting two albums!

Conclusion:  My conclusion is nearly the same as the one for “Angstzweet”, but “Splinter” is even better! Great ambient work composed with retro instruments from this Belgian artist.

Best songs: “Verbrande Dode Bomen”, “Stapvoets Afdalende”, “Gespleten Hoef”.

Rate: (8).


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