NotNotice – Altay (CD Album – Noctivagant)

By Aug 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape.

Background/Info: NotNotice has already been active for a couple of years now and has released several ‘dark-ambient-driven productions. The new opus “Altay” also is the first one released by Noctivagant Records.

Content: “Altay” creates a sonic bridge between pure dark-ambient music and soundscapes. The gap between both related genres is sometimes pretty close. One of the cuts (cf. “Geyser Lake”) will hold you in its grip for more than 20 (!) minutes. It’s quite different from other pieces, which also reflect a more elaborated and diversified writing. I also noticed some rare passages with a few spoken words.

+ + + : When listening to “Altay” you rapidly will get a strong visual effect. I get the impression to get lost in an endless tunnel effect dominated by a hostile atmosphere. My favorite track is the more elaborated “Manzherok”. There’s a kind of frightening climax at the end of the cut. In a more classical dark-ambient way I recommend “Full Moon Over The Katun”.

– – – : I already mentioned the very long during “Geyser In Aktash”, which unfortunately can’t convince me for being too monotonous and especially for such an endless track.

Conclusion: NotNotice is an interesting addition to the Noctivagant roster. I can’t say that this project is setting the world alight, but it’s an accomplished piece of music.

Best songs: “Manzherok”, “Full Moon Over The Katun”, “Hyudroelectric Spirit Chemal”, “At Rita In Aktash”.

Rate: (8).


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