Noemi Aurora launches Patreon page to fund solo album

By Mar 18,2021

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Noemi Aurora launches Patreon page to fund solo album

While the Helalyn Flowers album “Àiresis” is just out, the band’s front woman Noemi Aurora has now started a Patreon page to fund her solo album.

Noemi: “After many years, I have finally decided to release my solo album. It will simply bear my name, Noemi Aurora, and will collect all my influences, without limits of genres, without fear of failing, only with the need to erupt an infinity of experiences that I have collected for over 20 years now. It will be an immense pleasure, and also a challenge for me, to share my progress while writing my very own first creation as a solist, which I started sketching last spring, in total lockdown. The previous month I’ve released the 6th album from my band Helalyn Flowers, and I will start a new collaboration as a visual artist for the creation of a new artwork that I will unveil in my exclusive posts!”

You can choose from several perks that include yearly autographed postcards, exclusive backstage content, your name in the crowdfunding credits of her next music release, loops and tools from her personal archives, audio/video files and bonus material, access for exclusive Patron content, exclusive merchandise and so on and so on.

You can check out all of the several perks on the Patreon page.

Noemi also posted a video explaining the Patreon page’s purpose as you can see below.


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