Lights A.M launches rather weird video for ‘When The Tide Turns’ with secret message

By Apr 9,2021

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Essence Of Mind frontman launches debut EP for side-project Lights A.M. - listen to an exclusive preview!

The Norwegian electronica project Lights A.M has just placed a video in public modus for the track “When The Tide Turns”. “When The Tide Turns” is taken from the debut album “Stories Without Words” which is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc..

The video itself is a rather weird one holding a secret message as well, though Lights A.M founder Erlend Eilertsen is kinda cryptic as far as the meaning of it.

Erlend: “It is rather weird indeed. What I had in mind making it was actually 2 things; the phrase “the earth keeps spinning” and “relief”. So to explain the whole concept of both the track and video is confined in the idea of finding calm in the chaos. And if one is able to do so, it is a victory in itself. Another way of putting it; there is beauty and meaning in everything, if we only look close enough… makes sense? Now, just find the secret message hidden inside the visuals used…”

“When The Tide Turns” video

You can watch the video below.

The album can be downloaded on Bandcamp.


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