Liars share live performance from Sydney: ‘Liars: Live at Phoenix’

By Aug 10,2021

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Liars share live performance from Sydney:'Liars: Live at Phoenix'

(Photo by Clemens Habicht) While Liars’ latest album, “The Apple Drop”, is out today, the band has also now released the video of a secret show in Sydney, Australia: “Liars: Live at Phoenix”.

“Liars: Live at Phoenix” was directed by Clemens Habicht – who recently created a trilogy of films for “The Apple Drop” – and sees Angus Andrew, Laurence Pike, and Cameron Deyell perform “Murdrum” (from “Titles with the Word Fountain”), “Sekwar” and “Big Appetite” (both from “The Apple Drop”). The setting was the futuristic wood and concrete surrounds of Phoenix Central Park.

Angus Andrew: “It felt essential for the work to be performed in the nest at Phoenix Central Park. The hyper modern architecture intensified the drama and framed the whole evening in a spectacular sci-fi universe. I can’t express enough thanks and gratitude to Phoenix Central Park for the opportunity to debut The Apple Drop in such an awe-inspiring space.”

Here’s the live set.

About Liars

Liars is an Australian-American experimental noise band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2000. Angus Andrew is the founding and only constant member of Liars, currently joined by multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell and drummer Laurence Pike.

Aaron Hemphill played with the band from its inception until his amicable departure from the project in 2017. Julian Gross joined the band for their second album “They Were Wrong, So We Drowned” in 2004, and played with the band until his departure in 2014.

Liars are signed to Mute Records and combine elements of punk-rock with electronica, with Andrew being inspired by artists such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), The Cure, PJ Harvey, Underworld, The Doors and Michael Franks.


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