LF58 – Alterazione (Album – Astral Industries)

By Jun 7,2020

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, IDM, experimental, abstract.

Format: Digital, double Vinyl.

Background/Info: LF58 is an Italian duo set up in 2015 as a live project by Giuseppe Tillieci (aka ‘Neel) and Filippo Scorcucchi. Both artists are fascinated by experimental- and ambient music. “Alteraziuone” is their debut album featuring four tracks. 

Content: The sound universe of this duo is clearly driven by ambient music, but still this fascination for experimental- and abstract electronic music. The tracks are progressively built up, creating the feeling there are several parts featured in every single cut. That explains all cuts are moving in between 12 and 18 minutes. The ambient side of the work has something pretty space-like while the experimental approach is characterized by multiple –but mainly, aquatic field recordings (or samplings). Repetitive, minimal loops are joining in, adding a minimal touch to the work.

+ + + : LF58 are composing more than simply electro-ambient music. There’s a kind of fascination for sound/noise creation and multiple effects. The work becomes a dense sonic puzzle, which is accessible by the electro sequences and the abyssal ambient sphere. “Rituale” is a great and intelligent piece revealing the different influences this project is dealing with.

– – – : Some passages are a little bit too experimental to my taste. I think there’s more hiding in this album than what came out, but it would maybe not be that experimental in the end; and that’s precisely what LF58 likes to create.

Conclusion: We here get a modern and creative ambient exposure, which is mixing different influences together.

Best songs: “Rituale”, “Iniziazone”.

Rate: (7½).

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