KRAFTman to release new 4 track EP ‘Electrique Musique’

By Mar 3,2021

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KRAFTman to release new 4 track EP'Electrique Musique'

Following on from the release of the KRAFTman single “Florian” (which included remixes by 808 Dot Pop and Maschine Brennt) and the appearance of a brand new track called “Waiting For The Day” on the Face The Beat 6 compilation, released by Side-Line magazine, KRAFTman is set to release a new 4 track EP of music heavily inspired by Kraftwerk: “Electrique Musique EP”.

This new EP will feature 7 Inch versions of 4 tracks featured on the forthcoming KRAFTman album “Electrique Fabrique”.

The “Electrique Musique EP” features the tracks “Bundesautobahn 52”, “A Face I Knew”, “Gamma Rays”, a cover of a recent 808 Dot Pop song, as well as, the KRAFTman take on the Kraftwerk track “Electric Cafe, which is unique, as Kraftwerk never released an English language version of the track.

The album, whilst not a concept as such, has a theme, most of the songs are inspired by subjects Kraftwerk have used in some of their songs, so you can expect songs about German motorways, telephones, cycling, nuclear power etc.

For now do check out “Waiting For The Day” taken from our free download compilation “Face The Beat 6”.

Other KRAFTman releases

The debut single by KRAFTman, “Florian”, was released as a 7-track Digital Download on August 14th 2020, the single featured KRAFTman’s original version (which is featured on the “We Are Machine Pop 6” compilation) and the KRAFTman Matrix 12 Inch Version, in addition the single featured remixes by Metroland and Maschine brennt, a combination mix was also included, which was the song constructed using sections of 3 of the mixes included in the release.

On September 11th 2020, KRAFTman released the single “The Robots (7 Inch Version)”, a cover of the Kraftwerk track,again as a Digital Download, that featured the lead track, as well as, a 7 Inch version of Kraftwerk’s track “Metropolis” and a special Re-Programmed 12 Inch Version of “The Robots”. This was the lead single from the album “The Man Machine (Recreated)”.

The album “The Man Machine (Recreated)” was released on October 30th and features a complete recording of all the tracks featured on the iconic Kraftwerk album, as well as, 12 Inch versions of all 6 tracks, all of which are unique arrangements. The Digital Download is available via Bandcamp below.


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