Kollaps – Mechanical Christ (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)

By Oct 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, death-industrial.

Background/Info: Kollaps is an Australian trio operating from Melbourne. They describe their work as ‘creating a unique brand of primitive noise intended for degenerates and outsiders.’ Their first release was the cassette “Heartworm” (2015) followed by the debut album “Sibling Lovers” (2017) released on vinyl.

Content: “Mechanical Christ” evokes to me the early sound of industrial music. The bombastic approach created by self-made waste material merged with percussion, guitar, bass ao noises bring back to life the early spirit of industrial music close to The Swans. Heavy drones, harsh screams, multiple noises like Larsen effects are coming together into an apocalyptic creation.

+ + + : I’m really nostalgic of the early industrial music and that’s precisely why Kollaps caught my attention. They evoke to me this early spirit of real industrial music created by hand-made industrial and recyclable gear. They incarnate to me the resurrection of The Swans. The album features 7 songs, which all are worthy of examination. The percussion treatments and other drones are absolutely phenomenal, injecting this heavy bombast. The addition of industrial guitar- and bass play only empowers the bombast creating the magic of “Mechanical Christ”.

– – – : “Mechanical Christ” still has something ‘extreme’ and will be not suited for all music lovers. I can easily imagine young industrial music lovers will be not interested in this kind of production.

Conclusion: “Mechanical Christ” is a great production, which sounds a bit like escaped from the early industrial music corridors.

Best songs: “Crucify”, “Blood Premonitions”, “Traducer”.

Rate: (8).


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