Kilmarth – Derrière Le Miroir (EP – Kilmarth)

By Sep 14,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, IDM, Minimal-Electro, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Derrière Le Miroir” (translated “Behind The Mirror”) is the second EP by the Belgian solo-project, Kilmarth. Three years after the debut-EP “Catharsis” former Side-Line contributor Cedric Wattergniaux strikes back with stuff.

Content: The songs mix different influences although an explicit Experimental approach mixed with elements of IDM is clearly noticeable. From passages featuring monstrous sound treatments, brutal arrangements and broken rhythms to more delicate sound treatments and explicit Cinematographic spheres, this work sounds versatile and eclectic.

The EP features 4 songs plus 2 remixes. The first one is a remix of the single “A White Willow” (released in between both EP’s) by French artist Zumaia and the other one is a remix of the opening song “Mirrors” by Aiboforcen.

+ + + : There clearly is an interesting evolution in sound and global production from the debut-EP towards “Derrière Le Miroir”. The opening song “Mirrors” reveals the progression of Kilmarth while “The White Willow – Reflected Version” shows the delicate approach of the sound treatments mixed with Cinematographic influences. “Mirrors” also features some guitar play by the artist’s young son, which is for sure something emotive. The remix of Aiboforcen is a cool bonus as the final song.

– – – : The sonic chaos running through “Prisme” is less accessible and a bit disjointed. I also expected a bit more from the Aiboforcen remix.

Conclusion: This is the kind of project appealing for lovers of the defunct AD Noiseam.

Best songs: “Mirrors”,“The White Willow – Reflected Version”.

Rate: 7½. 



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