Dark Door – Inferno (CD Album – Dark Door / Bat-Cave Productions)

By Sep 12,2018

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro.

Background/Info: Napoli (Italy) based duo Mario D’Aniello – Federica Velenia set up Dark door in 2013. “Inferno” is the band’s second album and was already released some months ago now.

Content: I can’t remember to have heard of this band before, but “Inferno” is an interesting electronic opus. It sounds a bit retro-minded and into pure minimalism. The strength of this album is hiding in its minimalism, characterized by cool bleeping sequences. But you also will notice a few more danceable passages and even melodic elements. The vocals have been sung in Italian language with a low timbre of voice.

+ + + : I like the retro-style electronics mixed with minimalism. It creates a fascinating result, which perfectly fits with the cavernous male vocal parts. I enjoyed the dark string parts and the cool bleeps. “Cancellato” and “Deforme” both are great songs, perfectly reflecting the minimal approach of the work.

– – – : I’m not into the opening- and last song (like an intro and outro), which don’t really bring a bonus to the work.

Conclusion: Dark Door is not what I would call an electronic revolutionary duo, but I discovered an interesting formation dealing with cool electronics. I hope to hear more from this duo!

Best songs: “Deforme”, “Cancellato”, “Caos”, “Inferno”.

Rate: (7).

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