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Dance Music Style 2018

By Jan 30,2019

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Dance Music Style 2018

Another year in the age of media would mean another opportunity of broadening our knowledge on music and popular genre of music! Dance music has become such a multifaceted element that countless styles are adopted and innovated. Even though classic musical instruments remain a crucial part of many styles of 2018, the way they have been played gave birth to some of the new exciting Dance Music Styles of the year. Here are the top ones that you would want to experience on the dance floor!


This one is a subgenre! Actually, it a subgenre of the subgenres, becoming one of the perfect examples of how dance music has evolved over time. Psytrance music emerged in the late 1990s as an offshoot of Indian Goa Trance. It became quite popular since it was included in loads of peace movements throughout the years. In 2018, it grew to become a true sensation and dance style, acquiring an entry in some of the best DJ’s playlist. Want to check out an example? Hallucinogen by L.S.D is recommended!

Future Bass

Future Bass is reaching its boiling point in 2018! You might be hearing the term for the first time but it’s popularity is already exceeding its name! A perfect example; The Chainsmokers – Closer Feat Halsey. This exceptional piece of music is based on Future Bass itself and in 2018, the song received a diamond certification for selling 10 million units. Who knew Future Bass was this entertaining! Future Bass focuses mostly on rattling trap music and hard bass lines. It is comically described as being a music sounding as if a bunch of sea creatures has been stuffed into a futuristic time machine! You haven’t listened to Closer yet? Be sure to check it out since it is a perfect example of Future Bass!


Say yes to the fusion of hardcore and techno music. These classic and popular musical horizons have been given a new meaning with the Hardstyle. It is said that the origins go back to Netherlands and it evolved out of the studio of a producer trying to create bolder sounds. Talk about happy accidents! Hardstyle became a popular style since it was introduced in many events across the world but in 2018, it took a complete turn… a good turn, for sure! Check out Headhunterz’ The Sacrifice for a perfect example!

UK Afrobeats

Afrobeats are the mixture of singers and African music heritages which, by the way, ends in a perfect combination. Afrobeats has grown into a strong cultural force since it has been included in numerous high-profile concerts and performances. In 2018, it hits the stage with even greater splendour, with many artists and DJs showcasing their variation of UK Afrobeats. Since it is mostly a combination of the traditional musical instruments from Africa and singing, it can become a favourite in no time! Hmmm… want to keep an ear out for some good UK Afrobeats? Murda by Mista Silva is worth your time!

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