Blutengel announces new album ‘Erlösung – The Victory of Light’ in 4 different editions

By May 2,2021

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Out on July 16 is the all new studioalbum by Blutengel: “Erlösung – The Victory of Light” with artwork of Stefan Heilemann (Heilemania). The first single is sung in German and English – “The Victory of Light” – and already is a good indication of the approach of the material as it’s the first time that Blutengel will release so many German sung songs on an album.

Regarding the album’s title song Blutengel mastermind Chris Pohl says: “The light can also be interpreted as redemption in the sense of death – you see the light into which you shall leave…”

The release comes in 4 different versions:

  • a standalone 14-track album.
  • a digipak 2CD which comes with a 7-tracks bonus CD called “Erlösung – In the Shadows“, featuring exclusive songs.
  • a double LP containing all the 14 main album tracks.
  • a 3CD boxset containing the double CD set plus a 3rd bonus CD called “Erlösung – A world beyond”. That third CD holds 6 more songs. The triple CD set comes augmented with an A5 sized book, “Erlösung – The Complete Story“, a LED keychain flashlight with the Blutengel logo printed on and a hologram sticker with the name Blutengel.

You can check out the video for the single below.


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