Black Nail Cabaret – We Like To Suffer (CD EP – Basic Unit Productions)

By Apr 25,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, noir-pop.

Background/Info: Hungarian female duo Black Nail Cabaret is back on track unleashing the EP “We Like To Suffer”. This song originally released on their last album “Dichromat” released on Basic Unit Productions (label of Daniel Myer/Haujobb).

Content: The electro-pop style from both ladies is something apart. It’s not exactly about a female touch, but just electro-pop music with a different approach. They call it ‘noir’ (cf. black) and that’s probably a right adjective to define the global atmosphere running through their work.

It also sounds like minimal electronics. The title song makes me think of an experimental version of Pet Shop Boys.

Next to the original version we get remixes by CrackDown, DSX and Celldöd. There also is a kind of B-side track, which is definitely ‘noir’ and full of melancholia.

+ + + : Next to the cool title song, which I mainly like for its minimal approach and the half-spoken like vocals the instrumental remix of “We Like To Suffer” by DSX is a real cool piece of music. It’s also dark, but accomplished with great vintage-like sound treatments.

– – – : This is an EP for the fans although revealing an interesting remix by DSX. I expected a bit more out of the other remixes, which are not exactly adding a bonus to the EP. It would have been cool to get –next to DSX, some more remixes from label mates (thinking about Blac Kolor and Haujobb for example).

Conclusion: Black Nail Cabaret remains a fascinating duo dealing with a different side of pop music. This EP features an interesting title track and one great remix by DSX.

Best songs: “We Like To Suffer”, “We Like To suffer – DSX Remix”.

Rate: (7½).


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