And Void – And Void (album – Distortion Productions)

By Aug 27,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental-pop, industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: And Void is a new project featuring some very famous names from the industrial scene. This is the meeting between Scott Fox (iVardensphere, This Morn ‘Omina), Mika Goedrijk (This’Morn Omina, Pow[d] er Pussy, Sygo Cries, Nebula-H…) and singer Mari Kattman (Helix, Mari And The Ghost).

Content: This self-titled album is characterized by the grace of Mari Katmann’s vocals, now injecting sensuality and later on an ethereal touch to the work. Sound-wise the tracks have been mainly written by Scott Fox, but Mika Goedrijk wrote a few songs as well. You can’t really recognize both artist’s trademarks on this album, which has something pretty experimental, driven by down tempo and sometimes moving on the path of cinematographic music. But there also is something pop-like supporting the production, becoming a sort of industrial- or experimental-pop music. Notice that Jamie Blacker (iVardensphere) and Andy Deane have been invited to do some guest vocals on one song each.

+ + + : And Void appears to be a truly challenge! The songs have something avant-garde like, mixing different elements and styles together with on top the graceful vocals of Mari Kattman. The song “Ideal Prey” appears to be the most accessible one and eventually a kind of potential hit. I especially like the slow rhythm mixed with the sensual, somewhat whispering vocals. Mari Kattman definitely remains a great singer, but the duo Scott Fox – Mika Goedrijk has something visionary like. You don’t exactly expect both artists composing this kind of stuff, but they did it!

– – – : The experimental approach of the album is for sure the biggest challenge to catch the attention of a wider audience. This is not the most accessible production and is not something for ‘classical’ electro-pop lovers.

Conclusion: I’ve always liked bands thinking out of the box and this trio definitely belongs to that category; this could be the future sound of electro-pop music!

Best songs: “Ideal Prey”, “Midnight Blac”, “October Lullaby”, “Unsung”.

Rate: (7½).


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