Wilhelm Bras – Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances (Vinyl 12” – Wilhelm Bras)

By Feb 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract, IDM.

Background/Info: Wilhelm Bras (aka Paweł Kulczyński) is a Polish artist who’s also active as Lautbild. This is the third work by this artist, which took him two years to accomplish.

Content: The work of Wilhelm Bras sounds as pure experimental- and abstract music. But the main particularity is that he experiments with self-made instruments/synthesizers, which creates a very unique sound. These sounds and noises have been put into loops while other passages are more into ambient spheres. From fragmented sound treatments to IDM and even featuring vague technoid elements, this ‘music’ sounds like emerging from a secret sound laboratory. 

+ + + : Experimental music is a genre without limits, but this work has something exciting for its great sound treatments. Experimental music is not always accessible while we here get cool tracks such as “Dystopic Fantasies” and “Waist Deep In Dead Canarians”. I also like the artwork of this vinyl.

– – – : I have to admit some passages are too abstract- and/or glitch like.

Conclusion: Wilhelm Bras stands for atypical- and definitely experimental music, but with a real accessible approach.

Best songs: “Dystopic Fantasies”, “Waist Deep In Dead Canarians”.

Rate: (6½).

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