Rave The Reqviem – Stigmata Itch (Album – Out Of Line)

By Jan 7,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Metal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Stigmata Itch” is the fourth full length album by Swedish power band Rave The Reqviem. Driven by the creative spirit of Filip Lönnqvist, the band welcomes a new female vocalist. ‘The Sister Svperior’ already is the band’s third female vocalist since the set up.

Content: A new singer doesn’t necessarily mean a new sound! Rave The Reqviem moves on mixing heavy Metal-driven guitar together with Electronics. From very explicit Metal passages towards bombastic – epic arrangements the songs are all driven by rage and fury. There’s a perfect balance between power and melodies, even resulting in a few more ‘Indie’-like passages (cf. “Colossvs”, “Aerial”). The new female singer sounds like she has always been a member of the band and sounds like the perfect match between her elevating vocals and the enraged shouts of Filip Lönnqvist.

+ + + : There are not many bands in the spirit of Rave The Reqviem; there’re legions of Metal influenced bands, but less mixing this influence together with explicit Electronics. It creates a powerful and melodic harmony with elevating choruses. “Alpha vs. Omega” is a great exposure of this approach. It’s fully representative for this band; powerful, furious and even extreme although accessible. The album moves on where previous productions stopped. This work is the symbiosis between evil forces and heavenly inspiration! I also enjoyed the epic arrangements coming mainly through at “Majordomo”.

– – – : There’s no real innovation in sound and global approach of the production, so Rave The Reqviem starts to become more predictable, but it’s not really a problem as this band rocks!

Conclusion: Rave The Reqviem moves on improving their writing and production while holding on their influences; a great Metal format!

Best songs: “Alpha vs. Omega”, “Holy Homicide”, “Colossvs”, “She Will Weep”.

Rate: (8).

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