Planet Supreme – Planet Supreme (Digital Album – Ant-Zen)

By Sep 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Planet Supreme is a new project set up by Swedish musician Karl Ture Rydby (known from Grand Mal X).  The main goal of this project is an exploration of ‘analogue synths, selected synthesis and field recordings to create a deep dark space with cosmic overtones, experimental nuances and warm spirit’.

Content: The analogue sound treatments are directly noticeable through the typical sweeping sounds and effects, but also in the impressive blasting sounds running through the work. The field recordings are quite noticeable elements as well. The cinematographic side of the work creates a dark sphere, which is sometimes joined by ritual-like sound treatments.

+ + + : “Planet Supreme” sounds like the demo from a massive sound laboratory. The analogue sound treatments inject a part of magic, but the field recordings and noise manipulations are worthy of examination. This work is much more fascinating than a classical soundscape. There’s a real cool diversity of sounds and noises while some passages are pretty visual-like as well.

– – – : I have to admit some passages are a bit too experimental to my personal taste, but the variety of influences makes it all accessible.

Conclusion: Karl Ture Rydby is a man of many talents and a real creative mind. I personally prefer his work under the Grand Mal X moniker, but I’m sure Planet Supreme will catch attention as well.

Best songs: “Enhance Biosphere”, “Holy Mountain”.

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