Cyberpunk/industrial act Angelspit returns with 14-track album ‘The Ignorance Cartel’

By Sep 29,2020

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Cyberpunk/industrial act Angelspit returns with 14-track album'The Ignorance Cartel'

Coming up on October 16 is Angelspit’s new 14-track album “The Ignorance Cartel”. It’s the band’s 9th album and is the second part in the “Hexe Trilogy” – the first being their 2019 album “Bang Operative”. The album will feature guest vocals from Brian Graupner (Gasoline Invertebrate) and Melody Lynn (Queen of the Static Opera).

Written in LA in the 12 months leading up to the Covid outbreak and produced during the turmoil of the worldwide pandemic lockdown, “The Ignorance Cartel” brings what the band calls “a predictive account of the horrors that are everywhere inside our social media induced paranoia”.

Angelspit: “The album’s central concept is driven by the rise of Authoritarianism and the subtle mind-control of AI algorithms dictating what we see. Brainwashing and wearing us down until we fall in line, in perfect synchronicity with the Almighty Spin – a new unseen central belief system that constantly reaffirms what you ‘choose’ to believe, subverting language with disinformation, casting out and electronically assassinating anyone who dares to question or resist. Submission to The Ignorance Cartel is just one click away.”

“The Ignorance Cartel” will also be released with an optional VHS tape produced with video glitch label The Basement Labs. This VHS contains exclusive video versions of each track which according to the band you’ll never see on YouTube, and that’s because the video directors have been given free-reign to create uncensored material in their videos.



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