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Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key joins up with former member of The Legendary Pink Dots to form Dubcon

Dubcon is a brand new project featuring cEvin Key (Download, Skinny Puppy, PlatEAU) and Ryan Moore, a former member of The Legendary Pink Dots. The result will be available in October on the “U.F.O. Pon di Gullyside” album.
The album counts 12 tracks:

  1. Outerspace
  2. Light it up
  3. First Contact
  4. Green Fire
  5. Zion Cluster
  6. Moment in Space
  7. Heliosphere
  8. Project Sign
  9. Dubbrain
  10. Farstar
  11. UFO pon de Gullyside
  12. Gone Orbital